Why a single issue party?
Because population growth is the issue that is either the cause or a major underlying cause of many of the major issues currently facing New Zealand.

How would the Population Party's policies reduce population growth?
The Population Party would promote freedom and equality for women as this is shown to be the most effective way to reduce high levels of fertility, reduce population growth and stabilise population in the long-term.
The Population Party would also promote a reduction in immigration to New Zealand via various means.

How would the Population Party promote freedom and equality for women?
New Zealand has a proud history of promoting freedom and equality for women but more can be achieved. The Population Party would promote policies that ensure women continue to have freedom and equality in employment, education, family planning etc and ensure more is done when and where needed.

But isn't New Zealand's fertility rate is already below replacement?
New Zealand's TFR (total fertility rate) is currently around 1.8-1.9 having dipped just below the replacement rate of 2.1 in the past few years. However it has been close to replacement levels for the past 3 decades and even at present it is still much higher than most developed countries. We need to see this as a good thing as clearly the majority of New Zealanders are making personal choices that would result in a small and stable population for New Zealand.

Is the Population Party anti-immigration?
No. Immigration can be a very good thing with many benefits but too much of a good thing can be detrimental. The Population Party is merely in favour of reducing current levels of immigration to sustainable levels that are more in line with most other countries on a per-capita basis. For the past 2 to 3 decades New Zealand has granted around 40,000 non-citizens permanent residence per annum. This is about 3 times more, on a per capita basis, than the USA or UK and many times more than many other countries. Reducing this number to about a third of current levels would result in New Zealand's population stabilising much sooner.

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